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Discover Senzu 3.0
Discover the operating system that adapts to your objects. Equipped with a microchip and our interface, each object helps you make your environment intuitive and interact better.

Objects for everything and everyone.

De nombreux fabricants utilisent Senzu pour démultiplier les usages de leurs objets.

Une puce NFC ou un QR Code avec notre interface embarquée sont alors intégrés lors de la fabrication.

Choose from a wide range of objects designed to share unique content or functionality in any context.

More than 140 different object models are equipped with Senzu. Whatever your priorities, there is an object made for you.

A unique interface.

To each compatible physical object, its digital universe. Say hello to phygital.


A color palette to bring your interface to life.


A picture is worth a thousand words, let your creativity speak.


A title, a quote, a slogan to describe your activities.

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a real ecosystem

All connected with Senzu

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3 steps to join the Senzu experience

Get an item equipped with Senzu

From the connected ring to share your contact to the sofa to control the lights in your living room, discover a wide range of objects adapted to each of your uses.

establish the connection

Scan your object once to activate it in less than 2 minutes thanks to its NFC or QR Code microchip. You are now ready to customize its interface according to your desires and needs.


Keep your content and features always at hand. Each Senzu object accompanies you to make each moment of sharing, a unique and effective moment.


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